United States Government vs. North Korean Government

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The United States has a complex government that builds on democracy whereas North Korea has communism centered on totalitarian rule. Both had their conflicts during the past and still are struggling in the future. Even though their government has two different sides to tell about they too have some similarities. One country having majority rule and the other having "political authority [whom] exercises absolute and centralized control over all aspects of life" (definition: totalitarianism at dictionary.com). Going through the growth of their economy, the citizens are opening their eyes each and every day to a government that has different branches with their checks and balances, exposure to several political parties, having their civil …show more content…

The most significant party is the Korean Workers' Party tries to achieve a more independent and unifying country. It is divided into the Central Committee and the Central Auditing Committee. The national party congress approves reports from the other parties and "adopts basic party policies and tactics", and elects members to the KWP committees. There are opportunities to take part as a member in the organization, either regular or probationary. Membership is open for those who are 18 years of age or older but are granted to those who pass the qualifications. The last political party is the Chondoist Chongo party, where they strive for a patriotic struggle against foreign aggression. Even though North Korea has different types of parties from the United States due to their isolated territory they are keeping unifying society in mind. The most important thing to keep in mind in each individual is of their fundamental rights, or also known as their civil liberties and rights. This is how government is connected to society, almost like the social security system from the U.S. government. The First Amendment from the Bill of Rights is well known for every person, man or woman, where it states their freedom; their freedom of speech, press, or peaceably to assemble. This part in the Constitution expresses the democratic society. In North Korea, they have Article 67 where it is quite similar to our First Amendment, it points our how the


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