Experiment and De100 Module Team

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Tma05, Introduction to a de100 project on the likeness of a logo A fictitious educational experiment was created and conducted by a team on the DE100 module and therefore they had to maintain plan and undertake a project to pinpoint their potential findings; this therefore meant launching a logo for internet TV channel in order to address whether or not evaluative conditioning works in either experimental or control conditions. The logo was used to question if it would attract an audience and if they liked it. Evaluate conditioning is where a person is likely to ‘like or dislike something because it has been associated with something positive or negative’ (Brace N, 2014, P 159). We can be unaware of evaluate conditioning and exactly …show more content…

For them to have minimised risks they need to take into account bias responses given especially if they were known and were asked to submit their response, this could be done anonymously so it can have a greater affect on honest answers. An issue they may come across is if they had presented a sheet with yes/no answers on, a scale with several options to choose from for example, extremely liked to extremely disliked it would have generated a richer set of data for the logo. Participants were asked to write in one sentence why they liked or disliked the logo it may also aid with a more honest response as the participants would then have had to think critically rather than just ticking a box. Future replications will be open to experiment with and many of the previous work will be carried out to see what their new findings may show for example; by comparing differences between groups of people such as; social back ground, age, education levels, ethnicity, gender and so forth to examine whether groups are more susceptible to evaluative conditioning. The studies can be applied to various areas in daily life for example healthcare and government organisations, where evaluative conditioning is used to deter or promote certain behaviour an example of this would be the negative images of smoking related on the cover of cigarette packets. Evaluative conditioning techniques have been evidenced and are effective in changing people’s behaviour, these