Question Sheet for We Shall Remain Episode Four Geronimo

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Question Sheet for We Shall Remain: Episode Four ­ Geronimo Chapter One, Surrounded by Enemies: The Apache way of life and Geronimo as a young man 1. What did the Mexican government do in response to the constant theft of property by
Apaches? Did this stop the Apache?
1. the mexican government passed laws offering cash for apache scalps and no this didn’t stop the apaches from raiding
2. How did Geronimo change in response to the murder of his mother, wife, and three small children by Mexican troops?
he cut his hair and left the hair there with them, returned home to rip down his wife’s paintings, tore apart strings of beads that she had made, and set everything that his kids and wife had owned on fire. this made his
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What was the outcome of this plan?
12. they were going to back to San Carlos and rescue their own people but force them to join the resistance Chapter Five, On the Run: Final escape and desperate running
13, How did General Crook find the stronghold? What premonition did Geronimo have about this? 13. while returning to San Carlos, peaches was arrested and interrogated until he told the story of what had happened to him and his family and that he live in the stronghold for over a year. he said that his base camp had been invaded by troops and he told the others
14, Why did Geronimo flee Turkey Creek in 1885 and continue to run while many Native peoples were beginning to settle down?
14. unlike all of the other natives, geronimo was the only one who didn’t feel settled
Chapter Six, The Legend: Geronimo becomes famous as the "worst Indian who ever lived" 15, Why did Geronimo surrender to Crook in 1886 and then flee again?
15. there were very few of his men left and he wanted their slate wiped clean. he thought that he was going to get doubled­crossed again
Chapter Seven, Prisoners of War: Punishment and legacy
16, After centuries of warfare between Indians and settlers, what did Geronimo’s surrender signify? How did America change after the Indian Wars were over?
16. his surrender was a clear sign that the wars were over and