Rise of Prussia

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Analyze the military, political, and social factors that account for the rise of Prussia between 1640 and 1786.

Bree Stanbrough
Due: March 3, 2011
Period 4

The rise of Prussia from 1640 to 1715 was mainly due to the great leadership of Frederick William ‘the Elector’, Frederick William I and Frederick the Great of Prussia. Many military, social, and political factors led to the rise of Prussia also. The major factor that helped Prussia become a great power was the growth of Prussia’s new army and the territory they took because of this powerful military. Most of the military factors that led to the rise of Prussia came from Fredrick William ‘The Elector’. He was the first leader in Prussia to create and
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The landlords didn’t mind, however, because the peasants were put in their control. This way the landlords didn’t challenge the monarchs’ power, which had a major part in the rise of Prussia. Then, during the early seventeenth century, The Great Elector also gained control over taxes by gaining power in Brandenburg and starting to tax its citizens without the Junkers consent, meaning more money for Prussia as a whole.[14] Fredrick the Great also changed Prussia politically by being an honest ruler who set an example by only hiring his friends if they had skill in their posts and could benefit the country.[15] He also believed in only making alliances that are favorable to the country.[16] He also helped the development of his country by encouraging Jews on the polish border to perform all the trade they could, in return he gave them protection.[17] The Jewish did just that and gave a tremendous boost to the economy while strengthening Prussia as a unit.[18] In conclusion, only the combination of tremendous leadership from all three of these great rulers could have allowed Prussia to flourish. Each of them added their own military, political, and social contributions that made Prussian a great European power.
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