The Causes Of Homelessness In The U

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The Causes of Homelessness in the U.S

Nawaf Saif Almoeini
Alex Westbrook
University Preparatory Program
January 16th, 2015

“In 2010, … the U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness issued a comprehensive plan to eradicate homelessness for all people through interagency collaboration and aligning mainstream services. A key goal is to prevent and end homelessness for all families, youth, and children within 10 years” (Bassuk, 2010, P.496). Homelessness is a situation that a person who could not afford a life and decide to beg people for help and money. Why do people become homeless is a complex question and the answer is that each person has a unique story that describes there experience. There are
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Overall the life dependency is fully on the financial status of a person as money can buy all the needs for a person.
Due to the massive drug use and abuse, mental health problems within society and low paying jobs there are many homeless people in the United States. Normally homeless people spend their whole day on the streets, looking for some places to sleep and some of them move from place to place searching for a livelihood this is because they do not get the help they need and are not given enough attention by others. However, some of them beg for money, drugs, and alcohol; therefore, they are probably not going to be helped. Since homelessness has always occurred is time and is dramatically increasing people that have been saved and know their way around in society should help homeless people to try to bring them back on track in life. After all homelessness has dramatically increased in the United States and anybody can be the target not just due to their problems but also the circumstances they live in.

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