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San Juan Capistrano Windshield Survey
Susan Groh, R.N. and Theresa Laurente, R.N.
Vanguard University

A windshield survey of a San Juan Capistrano community in the zip code area of 92675 (see Figure 1, Appendix) was performed to get a sense of neighborhood characteristics and to assess the area for opportunities to improve the health of the community (Stanhope & Lancaster, 2012). There was a focus on the Los Rios Street neighborhood (see Figure 2, Appendix) in the central part of the city where a high number of low-income Hispanics/Latinos live (United States Census Bureau [U.S. Census Bureau], 2012).
Statistical Information
The city of San Jun Capistrano had an estimated population of 35,123 on 2011. The
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Residences were mainly made up of two story town homes built in the 1970’s and 1980’s (see Figure 9, Appendix). The community appeared free from vandalism and graffiti. An abundance of older trucks, sedans, and vans were parked bumper to bumper with no available parking spaces noted. Carports were full of cars as well. Some open garages either contained cars and storage, or were set up with couches and furniture as added living space. This observation suggests that there may be many people residing together in each residence. The addition of the individuals waiting for public transportation adds to this assumption.
In contrast, the neighborhoods with the largest homes were gated and inaccessible to the general public. The streets with the newer and larger homes were mostly vacant of parked cars, and the models of cars parked in the driveways and street included Mercedes Benz, and BMW. The front yards were well manicured and looked like they were designed professionally.
Numerous medium and small sized parks were distributed throughout the neighborhoods. Some of the larger parks had playground equipment, and the smaller park areas consisted mainly of open grass areas with benches. Alongside the road there was a riding trail and the entrance to a large equestrian park. Other recreational facilities noted include a large sports park, soccer fields, YMCA, Boys and Girls Club, community pool, and community garden. The team drove by three