In Considering The Process Of Change On German Political Systems Over The Whole Period 1890 2

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In considering the process of change on German political systems over the whole period 1890-1991, how far can the Second World War be seen as the key turning point?
Germany’s systems of power and changing of governments in the period of 1890-1990 are radically diverse, suggesting a restless and problematic state. Germany has seen extreme poverty and success throughout the 20th century with undying nationalism throughout. The end of the short lived Nazi regime in 1945 brought about by Axis defeat. Much as the treaty of Versailles had inflicted years before, Germany was, once again controlled by its neighbours, another historical turning point. New era of allied control emerged splitting western and eastern political ideologies, saw the end
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The Nazi regime can be seen to be unique politically as their seizure of power brought an end to Weimar’s democracy and implemented a state ruled by a single party, not seen since the German democratic republic. Hitler assumes the role of Kaiser influenced only by his high command as the Kaiser had done. Hitler’s ideological framework can be seen to be the guide for which led the Nazis to commit to the views of racial purity and lebensraum. The Nazi polices exercised by the third Reich are not unique to this time period, showing an element of continuity. Hitler can, in many ways be seen to reflect Otto von Bismarck. Hitler and Bismarck were both very manipulative, using it to swing the interest of other to achieve their goals. Both Hitler and Bismarck practised realpolitik and willing to use illegal methods to gain power and prestige. Hitler writes In ‘Mein kampt’‘Bismarck's exceptional legislation in its original concept, its operation and its results’ 4.Panayi demonstrates that although the economic system of Nazism may appear new ‘the government had always played a role in the German economy’ 5 and that ‘intervention of the state’5 is not new. The idea of lebensraum was certainly not an idea of Hitler’s as is ethnic cleansing. This is evidenced by the ‘September program ’, which detailed the ambitious plans for the gained


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