Unit 201 Principles of Communication in Adult Social Care Settings

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Unit 201 Principles of communication in adult social care settings

201.1 - Understand why communication is important in adult social care settings.
Assessment Criteria

1.1 - Identify different reasons why people communicate
Within the adult social care setting communication is used to convey information, this could be with the client about what they want to wear or eat, relatives and friends of the client who might want to know if any food products need replenishing or if there has been an accident and colleagues or other members of the multi-disciplinary team who might need information on past health information or daily routine.

1.2 - Explain how effective communication affects all aspects of working in adult social care
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Ensure background noises and distractions are kept to a minimum and ensure the environment is suitable for the client.
Comprehension barriers:- e.g. anxiety, worry, high emotions, lack of knowledge on subject, attitude and personal values and confusion between verbal and non-verbal clues. Ensure that the person is able to understand, do not assume that they do not understand and don’t use jargon.
Personal barriers:- e.g. incompatible communication styles, low self esteem/ value, age, gender, work role and dress code etc. Being aware that the person may struggle with communication with people from other backgrounds to themselves.

3.3 - describe ways to check that communication has been understood
• The best way of checking verbal conversation is understood is by using ‘active listening.’ This is when you relay the key parts of the conversation as you’ve understood it back to the individual. This double checks with them that you have both understood conversation in the same way.
For example:-
Tenant: - ‘I am going out for lunch with my daughter tomorrow to The Fox. She is going to pick me up at 11.30am so I won’t need my lunch call.’
Me: - ‘Oh that sounds nice, I hope you have a lovely time I’ve heard the food in there is delicious, you’ll have to give me your verdict. So I will cancel tomorrow’s lunch call...?’
• The best way to check written communication has been understood is to get some kind of feedback. This could be completing a


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