Unit 087 Cypw

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Outcome 1

1) Therapeutic communities childcare: this is an approach that meets both the the physical and emotional needs of the service users. Social pedagogy: this is the approach where the carers/ parents/ government work with the child in order to care for them the child is in charge of his or her own life and the people looking after that child are just there for the care side. Life Space: this involves the conscious use of everyday events to promote the growth, development and learning of children and young people.

2) There relevant legal and rights framework that underpins work with children and young people in residential care has been streamlined into three different parts, there is The Children's Homes
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Another part of the codes of conducts are accountability, I as a care support worker, need to make sure that I can answer for all my actions. This is important to keep them safe, we also have to be accountable for the children basic care, as well as upholding the settings ideals and ethos. In my day to day work this means working with a mindset that looks to wards the curative side of education and care, as we are a curative education setting. We also are a anthroposophical setting which uses therapeutic methods in helping to heal and calm the children. The code of conduct also states that I need awareness. This is because I need to be able to say if I don’t feel comfortable doing something, and in day to day work that means that if I come across a situation which I don't feel competent enough to deal with, I need to make this known and get help from either a supervisor or some one who feels comfortable with the situation.

2) In my own job role I have to make sure that all my work is inclusive