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Analytical essay of
”Remarks by the First Lady at Education Event with DC High School Sophomores”
The speech was held by the First Lady, Michelle Obama, at the DC High School as an educational event for the sophomores. The overriding subject of the speech is education which is an area Michelle Obama and her husband, Barack Obama, has spent a lot of time and resources on. After the introduction of the speech she speaks of a goal that her husband has set for America. She tells that it should be the goal of the entire country to have the highest proportion of college graduates in the world in 2020. She explains that it is very important because America was number one in college graduates a generation ago and now they are
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Later on, at the conclusion of the speech, she tells that her college diploma from Princeton University were her personal North Star goal. North Star is a simile which shows that people should walk towards their North Star goal even though it seemed to be out of reach, like the wise men did when they were looking for Jesus. The North Star goal is the connection between the objective for the entire nation and the objective for each individual student, as every student would have to fight to reach their personal North Star goal, like Michelle Obama did, to make it possible for the nation to reach the big North Star goal.
Another trick that Michelle Obama uses is anaphora. She says “Plus, I knew I couldn’t afford to go on a bunch of college visits. I couldn't hire a personal tutor. I couldn't enroll in SAT prep classes.” She uses this anaphora where she repeats the words “I couldn’t” to point out how many obstacles she fought through in order to reach her North Star goal. This should make the students realize that it is possible for everybody to get an education no matter their social background, if just they fight hard for it. Another example of anaphora is when she says “That’s how me, that’s how Menbere, that’s how so many other students have overcome adversities to reach our goals.” That once again makes it clear that everyone can get an education and that it is very important to get an education