Twin tunnels

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The Twin Tunnels, proposed by the Governor of California jerry Brown, are two tunnels that would run from the delta to Southern California. The project would make two tunnels, each about 20-40 feet in wide and around 35 miles long, that would be 150 feet beneath the Delta. The Twin Tunnels will be extremely expensive especially to taxpayers and very destructive to the Delta's ecosystems. Much of California opposes them. The goal of the Twin Tunnels is to divert water from the Sacramento River, and around the Bay and delta area to distribute it to San Joaquin Valley agriculture business and also Southern California's cities and surrounding areas. The total cost of the project is estimated to be above $69 billion. …show more content…

Increased the amount of salt in Delta water will have huge and negative effect on Delta agriculture and further degrade the habitat which is home to the imperiled species such as salmon, Delta smelt and steelhead. Twin Tunnels advocates claim that the impacts on fish will be compensated by restoring one hundred thousand acres of habitat in the Delta. These projects say that they would maintain the land resulting in seasonally increased floodplains, subtidal and intertidal freshwater and larger wetlands, and a shallow-water channel. They want to increase the population of all species in this area so that it will flourish more. But in the absence of the fresh water that is now available, scientists are extremely doubtful that these habitat projects will work as stated by the "BDCP". The State Water Resources Control Board has already mentioned that the habitat restoration will help restore the deltas wild life population and bring water into the delta. Beyond the likelihood of increasing water flows into to the delta as result of the Tunnels, the "BDCP’s" habitat “improvements” may ultimately lessen the fertilness of the land rather than enhance the environment: the "National Research Council", an arm of the "National Academy of Science," has told people to beware because of mercury from historic gold mining activity, transferring it from the deep in the deltas land under the water to mixing it in the surface water and mud


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