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Q 1: Perform Verify and Count Commands for all three tables and identify any exceptions.
Verify Tests: 0 data validity errors detected in Jaysberg_Auth_Prices, Jaysberg_Sales_Returns, and Jaysberg_Sales_Trans, and the counts were respectively: 101, 55, and 383.

Count Command:

Q 2: Test the accuracy of the monthly postings to the general ledger. Note that the table includes a month code. Monthly sales per the general ledger are provided below:

I compared the monthly postings to the general ledger, and the general ledger amounts and found there were no errors. The accuracy of the monthly postings is satisfactory.
Q 3: Perform the following tests of controls. For each control state the command or commands that you did to test the
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Results: In both tables, product 726 and 988 had the highest unit selling price, which makes sense since those two had the highest total selling price.
d. Compare the authorized prices to the unit selling prices on the sales transactions list.

Commands: I used the Join Command to join the Sales_Trans table, and the Auth_Prices table. Then I used the total command, and subtracted the unit selling price 2 from unit selling price 1, and I got a difference of -$9.11. So then I ran a filter to see where the two unit prices didn’t equal each other.

Results: Product 24, 587, and 3567 were sold at unauthorized prices. I identified all of the product numbers that were sold at unauthorized prices. I would like to look into invoice #’s: 26425, 26510, 26359, and 26731.

Q 5. Stratify the sales transactions. Identify and list large transactions that you believe should all be verified by examining supporting documents.
Command: First, I ran statistics to find the minimums and maximums in the Sales Transaction table, total selling price…

Here are the stratification result using the minimum of 0, and the max of $200,000 with 10 intervals

You would need to do a calculation to find your tolerable misstatement, and materiality to determine your sample size accurately. But, I would definitely analyze the top 8 transactions since they’re such a large amount. I would do random sampling by a sampling interval to choose the