Time and the Machine

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In Aldous Huxley’s “Time and the Machine” the author is unenthusiastic with the use of the present generation’s use of time management as opposed to previous generations. In the past, people were more involved with nature, they enjoyed taking walks and kids ran and played outside more. Nowadays more children would prefer to remain in doors and play video games or surf the internet instead of a game of “jump rope.” Nature is relevant in this work due to the author’s frustration with time being spent elsewhere instead of with nature. Place is referred to how time is different between generations of the past and generations of the future.
“Eco-Defense” by Edward Abbey was a very interesting periodical. Abbey stated that it is essential for
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Huxley blames industrialism and urbanism on our lost consciousness of time. However there have been many benefits since the creation of cosmic time. People are no longer working an unbalanced manual labor schedule, urban and economic development has increased to help stimulate population growth. I wouldn’t go as far to say we have disconnected ourselves from nature, just devised a plan to find time for both industrialism and nature rejuvenation.
The significance of nature and place in “Deer among Cattle” by James Dickey suggests “the human grass,” as being the hunting grounds while the deer graze in the darkness. The deer are comfortable as they feed in their natural habitat. The author states the deer are free to flee at will into the forest surroundings. While unknowingly a hunter nearby is stalking his prey with a weapon, which can be derived from the sentence “the sparks from my hand”. The last few sentences lead me to believe that the hunter has chosen one of the heard as prey who shall rise amongst the rest.
Steven, my perception on Deer among cattle is that we as humans take for granted what others are thankful for. Like the deer gazes in the grass has no cares in the world except survival or caring for his/her young, but we are scoped in to take away something that is not harming anyone. My eye’s are open to this point of view from this work and is a concept that needs to apply to hunters in today’s society.



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