Three Ethical Systems Pape

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Three Ethical Systems Paper (WK2)
Rosalie R King

Ohio Christian University
ET 3000 Ethics
Dr. Wolfe
March 25, 2013 We all have ethics that we follow even if we do not realize that we are following them. They are applied in the decisions we make in are day to day life and even the choices we make for our future. For many their ethics and morals are things that they learn through their upbringing and their life experiences. Others also apply their faith to their already instilled ethics and morals. In the paragraphs below I will be defining unqualified absolutism, conflicting absolutism, and graded absolutism and give examples of different scenarios involving all three ethical systems. Then finally I will conclude by identifying
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This system states that we are responsible and we have the power to make the decision to do what is for the greater good. Under this system it states that if you would lie it would be over looked if it was done for the greater good (K, 2011). Basically it is telling us that there are laws that are considered more important than some others and it is our duty to follow the higher law ("Three forms of,").
This systems is pretty straight forward by telling us that if we choose to do the greater good even though it mean we must make the decision break a law that is less important or is not as sinful, but instead of having to ask for forgiveness under this system it is completely looked over because you made the decision to abide by the high moral law. Basically this is telling us that it is okay to break small laws if it helps to follower a bigger law an example of this that I can think of is a cop that is undercover and the whole time he is lying, but it is okay because he is lying to catch those who are breaking both moral laws and manmade laws.
With these three ethical system as well as the ethical systems from last week all can be compared by looking at the topic of lying and this is only because lying is one thing that most all of us do or have done at one time or another. All of the ethical systems have some element of truth to them, but they all have a down fall. Everything in our lives has its ups and