Theodore Roosevelt and Meat Inspection Act

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Progressive Era Questions

1. The progressive movement is considered by some the origin of which social/political ideology? Liberalism 2. Progressives believed that government should protect the people and promote the social welfare of people through which means? Legislation 3. It was an important social issue concerning equality that the Progressives advocated? Women’s Suffrage 4. List five issues that defined the Progressive Movement: a. Women’s Suffrage b. Rate Control on Utilities c. Prohibition d. End Child labor e. Immigration restrictions f. Americanization of immigrants g. Political Reform/Stop political machines
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Recall Vote- Voters have the right to remove elected representatives from office 3. Initiative- This allowed the voting public to petition state governments to consider bills wanted by the people

4. Secret Ballot- No one can know how a citizen voted

5. Referendum- Gave the voters the right to decide if a proposed state law should be passed
37. Which president was the first of the “progressive” presidents? Teddy Roosevelt
38. Briefly summarize the view Teddy Roosevelt had for the executive office and its power of governance. He must act in the nation’s welfare. Willing to use any power or means unless specifically prohibited by the Constitution or Legislative acts
39. Briefly state what Roosevelt meant with his “Square Deal”. That the dealings of government and business will be fair and honest
40. Argue how Roosevelt’s “Square Deal” isn’t an extreme form of progressive ideals. He believes people must be responsible for their success, it is not government’s job to make people successful, but create the environment for success
41. List five important “Square Deal” laws: a. Newlands Reclamation Act(1902) b. Elkins Act(1903) c. Hepburn Act(1908) d. Pure Food and Drug Act(1908) e. Meat Inspection Act(1908)
42. How did Roosevelt break presidential precedent with the Coal Miners Strike of 1902? He involved himself in the


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