History 122 Midterm Study Questions

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Question 1
All of the following factors contributed to explosive economic growth during the Gilded Age EXCEPT:

d) low tariffs.

Question 2
By 1890, the majority of Americans:

e) worked for wages.

Question 3
The second industrial revolution was marked by:

d) the acceleration of factory production and increased activity in the mining and railroad industries.

Question 4
The ____________ made possible the second industrial revolution in America.

b) railroads Question 5
In 1883, ____________ divided the nation into the four time zones still used today.

a) the major railroad companies

Question 6
In the nineteenth century, pools, trusts, and mergers were:

e) ways that
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Question 17

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Journalists who worked for newspapers like William Randolph Hearst’s New York Journal, which sensationalized events to sell papers, were called:

a) yellow journalists.

Question 18

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Which statement about the Spanish-American War is true?

The war lasted only four months and resulted in less than 400 battle casualties.

Question 19

In 1899, President William McKinley explained in an interview with Methodist Church leaders that his decision to annex the Philippines:

c) was in part based on his desire to educate and uplift the Filipinos.

Question 20

The Platt Amendment:

d) authorized the United States to intervene militarily in Cuba.

Question 21

The Philippine War:

b) was far longer and bloodier than the Spanish-American War.

Question 22

All of the following statements about Emilio Aguinaldo are true EXCEPT:

Aguinaldo believed that Filipinos could only govern themselves with U.S. assistance.

Question 23

The “white man’s burden”:

d) comes from a poem by Rudyard Kipling.

Question 24

During the “Age of Empire,” American racial attitudes:

a) had a global impact.

Question 25

Supporters of the Anti-Imperialist


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