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Homelessness the Problems of America Homelessness has always been a problem in major cities across the United States and even the world. This problem also affects out local community and even all of us individually. (Daily) A majority of the American people lives paycheck to paycheck, and according to statistics, we are only one or two paychecks away from becoming homeless. While there are many reasons a person or family can become homeless, a majority of those problems come from a lack of income. The job market of today is quickly dwindling and shows no signs of improvement. This market mixed with new government policies is becoming an issue for struggling American’s on the poverty line. Homelessness is becoming a vast problem …show more content…

Specifically, some of the programs established by the government help homeless people that have families with children, by providing food stamps, welfare, and cash assistance. These programs help prevent people from becoming homeless, but can and often become abused as well. This free government money given to those without jobs provides no real incentive to get a job. (Article) People abuse this system by getting money from all of the government welfare programs and then lying about looking for a job. While not everyone that is on a government program abuses the system, there seems to be almost an equal amount of people who do.
Instead of using the taxpayer’s money to give it directly to these men and women who are unable to get ahead in life, this plan would require people to willing give their time to this cause. However, this plan will still require the use of taxpayers’ money, but it will not be given to the homeless in the form of cash. When a person becomes homeless and has been kicked to the streets, when that person(s) comes to the homeless shelter the first thing that will be provided to them will be a suit, pair of shoes, a dress tie, and a razor. Proper female attire will be provided as well, and a member of the staff will help them put together a resume using previous job experience. This person will be given bus passes if public


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