Art Quiz 1

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Arts Appreciation 1301
Chapter 1 Quiz

1. Chapter One opens by describing the work of artist Cai Guo-Qiang. Gunpowder is an unusual material to draw with and the sky is an unusual surface to draw on! What reasons does the artist give for using gunpowder as his drawing material?
Cai Guo-Qiang wished to create beauty from something like gunpowder, which is originally considered a force of destruction.
2. On page 3, the author (Sayre p.3) states: “Appreciating art is never just a question of accepting visual stimuli, but also involves intelligently contemplating why and how works of art come to be made and have meaning.” What questions does the author suggest that you ask when viewing and considering a work of art?

The author
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11. The ancillary materials describe Pablo Picasso’s difficulty in finishing his portrait of Gertrude Stein. What influences changed his vision and enabled him to complete her portrait and changed his approach to art?
While in his trip to Paris Picasso went to an exhibition at the Louvre, where he gained a new interest in archaic Iberian sculpture. This is what enables him to complete Gertrude Stein’s portrait as a mask-like face.

12. Why does artist Tania Bruguera dress as an nkisi nkonde? What is her intention?
Tania Bruguera’s intentions are to show the power of the nkisi nkonde. She does this by doing her performance and walking around the city as if in search of the people who broke the promise they made to the nkisi nkonde in return for its help.

13. What are the three processes involved in the act of seeing?
The three processes involved in the act of seeing are: reception, extraction, and inference.

14. What are the six major themes in art that our textbook will focus on?
The six major themes in art that our textbook will focus on are: 1) Art, Politics, and Community; 2) Art and Spiritual Belief; 3) Art and the Passage of Time; 4) Art and Beauty; 5) Art, Gender, and Identity; and 6) Art, Science, and the


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