BSHS 375 WK 1 Individual Assignment Interoperability Paper

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Identify one kind of human services organization—for example, mental health provider or foster care provider—and describe the services provided.
Investigate and describe the three methods of interoperability.
Discuss how each method of interoperability could be integrated into the selected organization and the advantages and disadvantages of each method.
For each method, describe the backup plan should technology fail.
Interoperability is defined as the aptitude of one system to perform work in integration with other systems without asking for several hard work and effort. Interoperability turns out to be a quality of enhancing significance for information technology to make the
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It facilitate in providing the ACF to access timely and accurate information to provide the determined and more compatible enrollment processes. The system will also enhance the information access to the wide range of data from every human service organization to link the clients. The system will also facilitate the firm to mitigate the duplication expenditure and costs for building, maintaining and updating redundant systems. The transparency through interoperability across programs will also enhance the capability of systems to reduce fraud, waste and abuse.
Back up:
The backup and recovery plan regarding the interoperability is discussed below:
Some of the techniques that are employed for back up are discussed below. The techniques vary according to the data that is required to be back up and also the convenience regarding the recovery process.
Normal/full backups: in this method every file that is selected are backed up, apart from the setting of the attributes of archive. The archive attribute is when backed up the file of recovered and relative material is deleted. If there is modification required in file, this attribute is set, which shows the requirement for file back up.
Copy backups: every selected for back up is backed up fully, without the consideration of the setting of