The Journey to the Brothers’ Farm

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The Journey to the Brothers’ Farm
The apartheid era in South Africa caused a separation between black and white people. The white people had the upper hand, because they had a way stronger financial background, which enabled them to employ black people to work for them. The black people were therefore undermined, and they worked as slaves. This problem is processed in the short story “The Journey to the Brothers’ Farm”, in which we are introduced to a girl named Annelie. She lives in South Africa, and has experienced terrible things, where she has experienced apartheid at first hand.

The composition of the story is very interesting as it is build up in two parts. The part written in italic contains a statement received by the
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This leads the reader to think that something bad happened to her at Veldplatt once upon a time. One day as she drives past it, a man crouches at the verge. He is wounded. It is Thabo, and he has been in a fight with Hendriks who was drunk and killed both of his brothers, tried to hurt Thabo’s family, and eventually Thabo as he protected them.

This coerced Annelie to return to the dreaded Veldplatt, and as she arrived she was hit by exhaustion. She reminisces to a day when she was thirteen years old: “I was thirteen years old. […] The sudden pain between my legs took me by surprise…] (Ll. 126-139)
The description of the weather fits the mood in the act. It is hot, dark and electric. One might argue that it could be a description of hell, and that Hendriks would be the personification of Hades, the Greek god of death. Regardless of him being Hades, the atmosphere is very dark and evil. Hendriks is a rapist, a child molester, and an evil man. The fact that he murdered both of his brothers just emphasizes the evil creature in him: “I found Isaac almost right away in the main room of the house. […] Outside I followed the sound of the flies and found Jacob in his orchard, lying face down where he had fallen.” (Ll. 155-159)
Hendriks is now a murderer, racist and a molester. He is the incarnation of evil, and he cannot see it himself. He is a psychopath. Although he has


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