The Issue of Gun Control

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What is worse, guns or people that own them? Many people are asking this question, and the answer is neither. Guns are generally used for hunting or defense and are owned by great people. Also, some bad people do happen to own guns (often illegally) and they do bad things with them. But if they did not have a gun, they would use a knife or a bat, guns are just tools. The right for people to bear arms should not be taken away because it is a second amendment right, and when respected and used properly, they are not a danger. So let us talk about who owns guns and why. As of the year 2009 there are 307 million people living in the United States, and as of 2010 300 million of them own guns 100 million of those are handguns. Based on …show more content…

In one of the strongest accounts was about a psychotic serial killer who brutalized his victims before killing them. Until one day he chose a couple who kept guns in the house. That was a fatal mistake for this killer, but both the husband and wife lived to tell this story. (Valentine, 1997-2011). Another study done by Gary Kleck, a criminologist at Florida State University, has studied 644,976 cases of defensive use of guns by private citizens. He concludes burglars are less than half as likely to break into a home if they suspect the occupant is present and even less likely than that if they think the resident is armed. Mr. Kleck found armed citizens were three times more successful at repelling an attack than unarmed ones. Moreover, in only 9% of incidents did the burglar seize the resident's gun and turn it on him. By comparison, 27% of residents who offered no resistance were seriously hurt by their assailants. (This demolishes the argument that it is better to offer no resistance than to try to defend yourself.) (Scott, 1994) A lot of people base their opinion on guns from what they hear in the media. For example at the Appalachian School of Law in January 2002, a gunman killed three people before, as The Washington Post reported, “Three students pounced on the gunman and help him until help arrived.” They failed to mention that these students “pounced” after holding a gun on the assailant, forcing him to drop his. Now why would someone purposely omit


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