The Inelasticity of Guns

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Topic Paper – Week 1

The Elasticity of Firearms and Their Supply and Demand

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13 January 2013

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The three chapters that we studied this week highlighted many important principles in the study of Economics. One of those concepts is the
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Because of the revenue possibilities from gun sales going through the ceiling, many dealers and private citizens are taking advantage of the market and the potential hysteria that guns will somehow be outlawed. An example of the growing interest was reported on Channel 12 News, Phoenix, AZ, January 12, 2013, that so many local citizens turned out for that evening’s Gun Show, the Fire Marshall had to close it down because it was violating the fire code (January 13, 2012: Channel 12, Phoenix, AZ).
This is a perfect example of the inelasticity of guns. The economy is still very sluggish, the jobless rate reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics being 7.8% and still firearms are a hot commodity and not one too many of late are willing to go without (Bureau of Labor
Another topic that drives the inelasticity of guns is personal safety and has been a major factor since the establishment of the United States of America. This is protection from rivals, criminals and the wildlife around them. Many people claim that this as their highest priority and the one that is driving them to find a firearm as soon as they can, in case they suddenly become unavailable to most law abiding citizens.
Unfortunately, even if guns are outlawed, there will always be a Black Market for firearms where the buyer can