The Importance of Building the Third Runway to Enhance the Hong Kong’s Aviation Position

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1. Abstract: Building the third runway is a controversial issue during these days. Do you think Hong Kong should build it or not? There are still different opinions from different people. Therefore, it is critical to know how the importance of building the third runway nowadays. Since Hong Kong’s aviation position is getting challenge by the airport nearby, enhancing the position for Hong Kong is very urgent for facing those challenges. Thus, I would like to find out how important is the building third runway for enhancing the Hong Kong’s aviation position thought this research project such as reasons, actual usage. I will conduct a questionnaire that use to get those information. After having all the data, then I will start to …show more content…

Shanghai and Shenzhen have also planned to build a third, fourth or even fifth runway.[Ref:Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) internet Shipping Gazette ]At present, Hong Kong’s competitive advantage is in reliability and efficiency of the air service that is already recognized, but this advantage may become low in the coming 10years.[Ref: Current challenges and future strategies (2010)]The ambition of Guangzhou Baiyun to challenge Hong Kong as an international transfer hub will be constrained. But the challenger will be bigger because Baiyun has the capacity that it has the potential to construct give runways that more than Hong Kong International airport’s size..[Ref: Current challenges and future strategies (2010)]
As we can see, those airports around Hong Kong have already started to extend their infrastructure for handling the future demand and deal with the maximum runway capacity. So, is it the time for Hong Kong to follow the step to catch up the competitive to keep enhances the aviation position?
6. Research method: I will conduct