The Impact of Physically Evaluations Attractive Models on Advertising

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The Impact of Physically Attractive Models on Advertising Evaluations Author(s): Michael J. Baker and Gilbert A. Churchill, Jr. Source: Journal of Marketing Research, Vol. 14, No. 4 (Nov., 1977), pp. 538-555 Published by: American Marketing Association Stable URL: . Accessed: 02/05/2011 16:36
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On 15 of the 17 bipolar adjective scales used to measure personality, Miller found a significant difference which associated the attractive individualwith the positive aspect of the trait, whereas the unattractiveindividual was viewed consistently from a negative perspective. Similarresults were obtained in another study [9]. Subjects were asked to indicate their assessment of the personality traits of individuals by viewing their photographs.Subjectswere told theirresponses would be scored for accuracy. Physicallyattractiveindividuals of both sexes were perceived to be more sensitive, interesting, kind, strong, modest, sociable, sexually warm and responsive, poised, and outgoing, and to be of a better character than individuals of lesser attractiveness.These results were the same regardless of the sex of the person ratingthe photograph. Dion and Berscheid [8] found that the use of physical attractiveness in making personality and character inferences begins early in life. Nursery school children were found to evaluate their class mates in a mannercomparablewith the adult physical attractiveness stereotype. Adults unacquaintedwith the children rated each child in terms of physical attractiveness. The children then were asked to pick which of their classmates they especially liked and disliked. In general, unattractivechildrenwere found to be less popularwith their peers than their attractive counterparts. Unattractive


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