Turkish Airlines

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Table of contents:
I. Introduction
II. Company’s Background
III. Company’s Memorandum
IV. Strategic Analysis:
 Mission, Vision and Values
 Marketing strategy, Aims and Objectives
 SWOT Analysis
 Market Research
V. Communication Campaign
VI. Recommendations
VII. Conclusion
VIII. Learning Experience
IX. Thanks
X. References
XI. Appendix
I. Introduction:
Marketing management is the act of choosing and targeting different markets and creating good relationships with them, regarding the resources of the company.
The marketing managers are the responsible for directing and entering a company to different markets by setting a marketing plans and strategies based on information allocated by studying the markets and defining the needs and wants
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Turkish Airlines’ values are to consider customers as kings and also looking forward providing good atmosphere to employees in order to let them give their best concerning dependability, flexibility, creativity, innovation and to guarantee a high value of the brand name.
 Marketing Strategy, Aims and Objectives:
According to Kotler, the marketing strategy, aims and objectives is what unique position will the company be able to achieve, what the other advantages that the company will have at the end of the day and how the company will sustain these advantages all the time and that’s will drive the company.
A marketing strategy is about the designed marketing plan to achieve a


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