The Case Analysis for Clean Edge Razo

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The Case Analysis for Clean Edge Razor: Splitting Hairs in Product Positioning

Marketing Management
MBA 812 B
Jihang Yang (Elvis)
September 27, 2012

Executive Summary Paramount’s newest nondisposable razor, Clean Edge, which from Paramount Health and Beauty Company injected a drop of new blood for the company. They feel very encouraging for the new product, because it gives the user a very great and all new feeling. And also it will be a competitive product in the razor marketing. It is very important to make a correct and suitable product positioning for the Clean Edge and make it to be successful in the market. We will discuss from two aspects, one is the U.S. razor market and another is from the product itself. The paper
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The super-premium segment has significant growth in recent 10 years due to the innovation and new products. The moderate still has a main position in amount of both volume and dollar. There are also three segments of nondisposable razor of consumer behavior: 39% Involved Razor Users (Social/Emotional Shavers), 28% Involved Razor Users (Aesthetic Shavers), 33% Uninvolved Razor Users (Maintenance Shavers). The kinds of Social/emotional shavers are the customer who will consider the different products of razor. They like shaking everyday, because to do this can make them more confidence. Aesthetic Shavers are the customers to consider which razor are the more effectively remove hair. And the last one Uninvolved razor uses, maintenance shavers, they think the entire razor are the same, and they have no interest to consider which razor is more better.

Question 3. a. What are the arguments for launching Clean Edge as (a) a niche product and (b) a mainstream brand? The supporters that supporting the Clean Edge as a mainstream brand think that nowadays, the customer need a more sophisticated and expect more advanced technology products. The Pro does not provide this but Clean Edge can. More and more people want to get an advanced product and abandon normal one. And Pro is in the mature phase of the product lifecycle and it has no excess extra space to develop. They think now it is best time to lunch the Clean Edge in dominant position in the razor market. On the