Blake Snyder Beat Sheet

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Blake Snyder Beat Sheet
October 19 2012
Mean girls

Opening image: The first image seen is of a girl’s parents telling their daughter goodbye and to have a good first day at school. The girl’s mother is crying because unlike most kids her daughter has never been to a real school. She is sixteen years old and has been homeschooled all her life.
Theme stated: “I had a lot of friends in Africa. But so far, none in Evanston.” This line basically foreshadows how she has no friends at her new school so far… Which tells us she will meet new friends and people and that we’ll just have to wait and find out whom and how it goes.
Setup: In the first ten minutes of the movie we learn that Cady is our main character and she has moved from
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Fun and games: The fun and games consists of ways to sabotage Regina George. Cady doesn’t believe Janice when she has nothing good to say about her until she realizes that Regina isn’t what she seems. Aaron invites Cady to a Halloween party and Regina got jealous and decided to talk bad about Cady making her look like a stalker. Regina saw that she was staring and kissed Aaron to piss her off. Cady then realized how much of a bitch Regina was and left the party and went to Janice’s house. She arrives there crying and Janice makes a plan to get revenge on Regina. Janice refers Regina as the “evil dictator”, the plan consists of three recourses that they will try and cut off so Regina will no longer have anything. They want to cut off: Aaron Samuels, her “hot body” and last but not least her army of skanks. Cady ends up agreeing with Janice that Regina is anything but good. Now they will plot revenge and Cady will pretend as if nothing is wrong for this plan to work. Regina talks about how she is breaking out because of the cranberry juice she’s been drinking and Cady jumped at that situation saying she had a special cream to help it. She and Janice make a cream using foot cream and other stuff thinking it would make it worse backfired on them. The cream made her smell like peppermint which made Aaron like it and kiss her more. When Regina was in gym class Janice snuck into the locker room and cut two circles in each boob spot on her