The Courage of Soldiers- Pauline Nguyen pg.291-296

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1. Describe the life of Pauline and her siblings.
Pauline and her siblings lived a life filled with fear. She was taught at a very young age about the challenges that her parents had gone through in order for her and her sibling to lead a better life. Pauline and her siblings faced physical abuse from their demanding and controlling father. Only the letter ‘A’ was accepted on their school report caard… anything below that deserved a wack with a stick from their abusive father.

2. Make a list of the pressures the children in the Ngyuen family faced growing up with their parents.
• Worked at the restaurant before and after school
• Had to attend maths school, Vietnamese school, cooking school, debating and martial arts.
They were
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What kind of a person has she become?
Pauline’s experiences at home affected her life in such a way that she has become

9. Why did Pauline continue to inform her father of her academic achievements after she left home?
Pauline continued to inform her father of her academic achievements after she left home because she wanted him to know that his words had still stuck with her. ‘Aim high, hold strong ambitions for your future.’ Pg. 296.

10. Why is the story titled ‘The Courage of Soldiers’? Is this a fitting title? What title would you have given the story?
Yes the title, The Courage of Soldiers, is a fitting title. The courage that soldiers is the same level of courage the Pauline and her siblings had. I would title this story as ‘ The Courage of Soldiers’ as well.
11. Why did Pauline’s father behave in the way he did?
Pauline’s father behaved in the way that he did because he wanted the best for his children. He wanted his children to lead a traditional life and. The way that he implemented his beliefs on his children was wrong though. He was very dominating and never really bothered to know his children. He was over protective and wanted total control over his