Mamie Phipps Clark

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Mamie Phipps Clark
Mamie Phipps Clark started her college career in 1934. She began going to college at Howard University as a math major which she graduated magna cum laude in 1938 but when she went back she changed her major to psychology after her husband Kenneth Clark persuaded her to do so. He told her that there would not be that many job opportunities for her and thought it would be better if she got a degree in psychology.
When she entered the master’s program, she started on her thesis titled “The Consciousness of Self in Negro Pre-school Children”, which was the start of her research about the negativity of segregation. This research was used to determine that segregation was unconstitutional. The conclusion her thesis stated
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She said this about her experience working at Riversdale Home for Children; "I think Riverdale had a profound effect on me, because I was never aware that there were that many children who were just turned out you know, or whose parents had just left them, so to speak." (Kerera, 2010).
Clark decided that she was going to open a center for the children. In 1946, she opened the doors to “The Northside Center for Child Development” for African Americans and other minorities in Harlem. After a couple of years, the center expanded its services from psychological to behavioural, emotional, and educational for children and adults.
During the time she founded this center; schools where illegaly and forcing African American students to be enrolled as mentally handicapped because they did not want them around the other students. It was thought that if African Americans where around the other students that they would a negative affect on the other students. She also helped wit housing and finanicial difficulties that the families where having because of racism and them being poor.
She a very active member in her community. Clark worked with Kenneth Clark on Harlem Youth Opportunities Unlimited project, which helped with education and employment for minorities. She served as Boards of Directors for many psychology, education, and philanthropic institutions. Clark notalby worked on the American Broadcast Company, Mount Sinai Medical Center, the Museum of Modern Art, and