Consultation & Advocacy

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Consultation and Advocacy


This paper discusses the importance of both social justice and consultation in the field of counseling. The introduction is an explanation of social justice advocacy, consultation, how it is related to the Marriage and Family counseling, and the different strategies and steps counselors take to advocate for their clients. Next, I discussed how advocacy is related to myself while I become a professional counselor in the area of specialization and my beliefs about advocacy and consultation having similarities and differences. Next, I discussed how advocacy benefits the care provided for children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families related to the specific specialty area in which I am
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Many of these can be met by simply discussing with the client of ways that may benefit them in the field of mental health. Counselors are to attend to their attitudes and beliefs, culture specific knowledge, and skills. By doing so, the counselor will benefit by exploring clients’ perceptions and will further help the client’s needs. According to the article that was assigned, both consultation and advocacy encourages counselors to get involved in multiple ways than one by using many different strategies learned by the supervisor during training. Great counselors will go the extra mile to help the client meet their needs. Advocacy benefits the care of children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families in marriage and family therapy by advocating clients to a better psychological self-being. If a counselor knows how to advocate for his/her client, they will help provide enormous amounts of improvement in the client’s mental health. If the counselor is not trained well by supervision and/or school, the care received will not benefit the client. A mutual respected relationship between the counselor-client is important. As a counselor, one must be able to show the client that they are worthy of trust and will do


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