The Brave New World Response Paper

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After reading the novel Brave New World by Aldous Huxley I realized that this is no ordinary story. It predicts a future overpowered by technology and government and where the people have no true freedom of choice. This book made me think about whether the utopia depicted in the novel would be a perfect place to live or a terrible place to live. It is hard to distinguish where the line is drawn between making life simpler and losing the meaning of life. Although some may look upon this type of life with envy I personally would rather have to work hard and earn my living than to lose the chance to make my own destiny.
The first thing that made me dislike the idea of this utopia was the fact that the government overpowered the world and
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In our world, parents pass on to their children their own values and principles, what they may become as a result of their upbringing could be anything, it is not predetermined therefore they control their own destiny making them free.
Emotional attachment to another person and monogamy is discouraged by the utopian society and considered improper, this is wrong to me, love and care for others is what makes our world so great. This discouragement is described through this excerpt from the text, "Four months of Henry Foster, without having another man --- why, he'd be furious! If he knew..." (Huxley 40). Lenina, a character in the book, is being frowned upon for being with one man for an extended period of time. This idea that relationships and attachment are bad restrains people from getting too emotionally involved and putting their loved one's needs before the society's. In the utopian society, "you're so conditioned that you cannot help doing what you ought to do" (Huxley 244). Thanks to their conditioning, nobody even considers fighting for themselves. All of this is what makes our world what it is today, all of which are repressed in the brave new world.
Another example that led me to feel the way I do about this novel is the character of Bernard Marx. Bernard is an alpha-plus and therefore should be living the "good life" but even though his mental status is that of an Alpha-plus, his physical appearance is similar to that of an Epsilon. He is


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