The ‘Book Publishing in 2010’ by Bradley and Bartlett

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29 April 2013 MBA Paper: Dr Daniel Lucero The ‘Book Publishing in 2010’ by Bradley and Bartlett presents a comprehensive picture of book publishing before and after the onset of the e-­‐book revolution.

What are the long-­‐term threats and opportunities facing the book publishing industry? Threats: -­‐ Amazon / Apple – companies like this have revolutionized distribution (by being so highly efficient) and have gained the upper hand and bargaining power over Publishers as concerns PRICING
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Digitalized order and print on demand processes – again this provides services in partnership to and with authors which can greatly reduce supply chain costs – printing, shipping, storage, returns, etc. Religious books will stay in Print – The Bible is the world’s best seller -­‐ new translations of the Bible can be printed in multiple languages and distribution to emerging country markets focused on, as literacy rates rise in these parts of the world -­‐ this could defy communist China but people want the power to read, know and decide for themselves! The Bible can sell another few billion copies in India and China alone! But Africa and South America also key emerging market opportunities.

* Some strategic recommendations that could help book publishers adapt their business strategy/model for the future. A simple definition of a business model is that it “defines the