Factors Which Stimulated Atlantic Maritime Exploration in 15th Century

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Title: Assess the factors which stimulated Atlantic Maritime exploration in 15th century

During the period of time 1400-1499 great gains were made by the Europeans in their quest for knowledge of the world they lived in. In this time period the Europeans circum-navigated Africa, located the territories of the West Indies and basically redrew the map of the world. All these things had one thing in common; they were the result of extensive Atlantic maritime exploration. The reasons that European engaged in such aggressive exploration in 15th century can be attributed to several factors. These factors can be grouped into three major headings, technological and navigational
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The control of this route would mean that Spain would gain the vast riches associated with the route. This competition reinforces the idea that Ojelabi suggest, “The merchants also felt that if a nation state discovered a shorter more economical route to the east, they would reap the benefits long enjoyed by the Italian cities. They would supply all neighbouring lands with oriental wares. Foreigners would thus pay every year a huge sum of profits to the fortunate possessor of the better route and the wealth that had made the Italian cities rich would consequently fertilize their own state.” Religion was a major stimulant in European Atlantic exploration. The major religious motive for exploration was the spread of Christianity. Europeans believed that if Christianity was spread then Islam’s power would be reduced and they could eventually crush this ‘pagan’ religion. Exploration came into Christianities plan in the way that Christians wanted to find new places were they could spread their religion. As Wood states “it was not the quest for a labour pool that first stimulated this exploration. Rather Dom Henrique hoped to spread the Christian gospel and to defeat the Muslim strongholds in North Africa. He also hoped eventually to make contact with the fabled Prester John as a prelude to a joint military


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