The Bible And Corporate Finance

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The Bible and Corporate Finance
People rarely associate religion with the business world or the finance industry, nor do they think religion can guide the practice. From a logical standpoint religion and a firm's operations do not correlate. From a societal view people see good religious peoples businesses fail while godless industries thrive. The question usually asked is how does the Bible apply to business world? The real question should be how could the Bible and God guide me in my profession or my business?
Accounting, Finance, and Performance
Making a profit is not bad; in fact it is very good. Being a profitable business owner or just an upstanding employee are also good things. In order to do that though, we need
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Business is a partnership with God and following all his commandments will bestow a bright future with wealth in your business for those who do what is right and just. Corporate Financing, Debt Policy, and Venture Capital
Raising capital, making proper investments, and wisely managing capital are all very Biblical concepts. God makes it clear that we are to use what is given to us in a wise manner and not just sit on it. In Matthew 25, Jesus told a parable. There were three servants that were entrusted money while the master was away. When he came back, two of the servants had doubled their money, while the one with the least money just buried it and did not use it in any way in fear of losing it. To the two servants who doubled their money, the master said, “well done, good and faithful servant.” To the other servant, he took the money from him and gave it to another servant and was disgusted with him.
God gives each person different amount of resources. It is up to them to make the best of what has been given to them. In the same way, businesses are to invest their money wisely and work hard to increase what they started with. Businesses can do this by proper research, proper decisions, and eliminating wasted time and money.
All businesses need some sort of finances to get a start. This is where seeking investments takes place. Developing a business plan that can be presented to potential investors is essential in


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