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To what extent how do the urbanism theories applied on movie, “The Devil Wears Prada” in terms of creating the XXXXX


When we hear the name of the movie, "The Devil Wears Prada", it may triggers you to imagine about the glory of the fashion industry. The story takes place in an urban city, New York where the heterogeneity and the trend of fashion is always created. The main characters in this movie, Andrea Sachs is a journalist who had just graduated from university and started working as the second assistant of the authoritative CEO of “Runway Fashion Magazine”, Miranda Priestly. The story mainly happens in between the two protagonists in the company with the theme of consumerism in the
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In the movie, another protagonist, Miranda, only drinks the beverage from Starbucks to distinguish herself from her subordinates. This suggests an idea how Starbucks is one of the signature of lifestyle in urban society. With its exchange value, the coffee from Starbuck symbolizes certain connotations such as globalization and modernity. That is also linked with the aforementioned idea in fashion industry, how women prefer to purchase the clothing from luxurious brands that contains extra values. In addition, at present consumption plays an important role in distinguishing class and social status. People must consume in order to make themselves different from the others. The film shows this characteristic to us through the personality and the social class of the characters.
Miranda, as an example, always consumes that are belonging to urbanized society, therefore she is different from those who possess lower social status, such as Andrea's friends. Miranda consumes only brand-name products, and she consumes only the meals from urbanized society restaurants. In contrast, Andrea's friends always dress in typical outfit as one of her friends mentions “Club Monaco” as a luxury brand for them. Andrea and her friend often hang out in the nightclubs which according to Miranda, this club was categorized as the space for lower social status community. Different cultural consumption


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