Swot Analysis and Retail Industry

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Table of Contents Introduction 2 PEST analysis of the world 2 Political analysis 2 Economic analysis 2 Social analysis 3 Technological analysis 3 Industry 3 Competitors 4 Issue that caused Woolworth decline and new opportunity 6 SWOT Analysis 7 Strengths 7 Weaknesses 8 Opportunity 8 Threats 9 Issue that caused Woolworth decline and new opportunity 9 Recommendation of new strategies 10 Conclusion 11 References 12

Woolworths was first opened in Sydney (Datamonitor, pr 1). The company deals with the sale of electronic goods, general merchandise, liquor (Safeway liquor) as well as grocery. One of the major challenges that face the company is competition. This is because the supermarket
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For this reason, Woolworths’ ability to beat its competitors as well as maintain a competitive advantage is highly dependent on the company’s capabilities and resources (Smith, pp. 33-50). Most importantly, it depends on how the capabilities and the resources will be exploited in the future when the attractiveness of the industry as well as profitability declines.
Luckily, there is low threat of substitute products or services in supermarket retail industry, supermarket is an irreplaceable business, and they sell everything as daily necessary, food, drink, fruit or even DIY cake kit. There are no other place can buy let people buy everything in one place, for example, convenience shop as 7-11, although they open 24 hours and 7days, but people might cannot find the thing which they really want to buy in 7-11, however, they can find that in Woolworth. At the result, people must choose supermarket be their first choice if they want to buy everything in one place.

However, they have very high intensity of competitive rivalry, as the Australian retail industry has a very high concentration. This is because it has few major players competing in the industry. They include Woolworths, Coles, Aldi as well as IGA. The Woolworths is able to compete with its competitors as well as doing well for their position in the industry by using such tactics as product introduction, advertising and price


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