Subaru Analysis

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Marketing Proposal

2010 Spring, BUSS205-03

Marketing strategy Team#10

이지훈 (경영학과 2007120334)
박제연 (경영학과 2005120068)
정현영 (경영학과 2007120319)
김형준 (경영학과 2007120320)
김영은 (심리학과 2008130207)

This proposal contains six different parts. 1. Introduction for brand. 2. Situational analysis, 3. Marketing goals, 4. Market STP analysis, 5. 4P’s and Marketing Mix. And then 6. Conclusion.

1) Introduction for brand – Not a single product, but a brand named Subaru.
2) Situational analysis - That contains economic, market analysis, and SWOT analysis etc. This part includes some internal, external features.
3) Marketing Goals – A brand should set goals. Goals and strategies must be clearly defined.
4) STP analysis
5) 4P’s and Marketing Mixes.
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Therefore, solving its brand awareness problem is the key to success in the Korean market. 2) Limited numbers of A/S centers is another weakness of Subaru.
3. Opportunity
As shown on the situational analysis, the expansion of import car market in Korea can become an opportunity to Subaru.

4. Threat 1) The recent growth of Korean automobiles' quality can become a threat to Subaru.
The quality of Korean automobiles such as K5 and Sonata has dramatically improved recently, thus resulting in providing opportunities to consumers to buy a good car in a reasonable price.

2) FTA with EU and US


1. Competitor
The price of automobiles manufactured by EU and US will decrease due to FTA, which could bring about a negative effect on Subaru's price competitiveness.

The competitors can be divided into two groups.
One is direct competitor, and the other is indirect competitor. The direct competitor group can be subdivided into Japanese car and European car. Competitor analysis is focused on direct competitor.

Japanese cars show relatively high cost-performance compared to its European counterpart, whereas European cars have advantage in high quality. (Audi‘s quatro system and Volvo's safety)

As shown on the graph above, both Subaru and other Japanese automobiles show high cost-performance. However, Subaru provides a 4wd system which other Japanese manufacturers don’t provide, and even has high fuel efficiency in spite of the 4wd system. If just focus on the


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