Contemporary Management Issues

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With more and more fierce market competition, much attention has been paid to the research on corporate competitiveness.
Enterprise Competitiveness can be tracked back to 1776. Adam smith raised the division of labor theory. But the academia by conscious researches this theory at the start of the 1980's.
Concept of Enterprise Competitiveness
Business community and economy community thought enterprise competitiveness played an important role in ensuring the survival and development of their respective enterprises. Enterprise competitiveness is based on industries competitiveness and country competitiveness. And this theme is central to our competitiveness study.
Argument from the America side: A. M. Spence from Harvard
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The risk of core rigidities
Sometimes the very things that a firm excels at can enslave it, making the firm rigid and overly committed to inappropriate skills and resources. Incentive systems may evolve that favor activities that reinforce the firm’s core competencies. The organizational culture may reward employees who are most closely connected to core competencies with higher status and beer access to other organizational resources. While these systems and norms can prove beneficial in reinforcing and leveraging the firm’s existing core competencies, they can also inhibit the development of new core competencies.

Middle part:
A firm fundamental requirement for succeed today must have core competencies:
For example:
H&M was established in Västerås, Sweden in 1947 by Erling Persson. We now sell clothes and cosmetics in around 1,500 stores around the world.
Today H&M operates in 28 countries and has 68,000 employees all working to the same philosophy: to bring you fashion and quality at the best price.
H&M succeed in good value chain during business. H&M’s core competition is building special value chains to control the whole business. H&M’s core competition help it run up businesses succeeds in all over the world. To analysis H&M’s core competition. H&M’s core competition make up by many factors. There is:
1. H&M business concept is to offer our customers fashion and quality at the best price. H&M’s designers are to find a good balance between the three


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