Study on Nucor Corp.

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An Organization’s productivity and efficiency depends to a large extent on what employees think or perceive about their organization. It is a well-known concept that “If you keep your employees happy, they will make your customers happy”. So to make them happy or motivated, challenging jobs, tasks, assignments are to be provided along with better or superior environment to excel in. As a result, we can have two benefits; on one hand it will enhance the employees’ job experience and on the other hand organization’s productivity will increase. Turnover and absenteeism will be low, employee commitment will be high. In short, job satisfaction and dissatisfaction play a major role behind overall employee motivation. Herzberg’s Motivator-Hygiene …show more content…


Motivators: Achievement | * Nucor’s employees try their best to achieve high level of standard in productivity and profitability. The organization’s culture is developed in such a way that employees experience satisfaction through accomplishing difficult task, manipulating and managing organization’s assets for effective production. The trends of rivaling make employees highly motivated to seek for further achievement. | Recognition | * All the employees of Nucor feel recognized for their contribution to the company as every year the name of the annual report. This influences the employees positively and they work for the employees with spontaneity like the three electricians from different plants mentioned at the beginning of the article. Plant managers regularly set up contests for shifts to try to outdo one another on a set goal related to safety, efficiency or output. The shifts also get recognition for that as High performers, High achievers e.g Nucor’s Utah Plant. | Stimulating Work | * The work assigned to the employees are highly challenging as well as stimulating. As they strive for better performance and excellence for the positive culture of competition among different plants and shifts, they feel more motivated to work. As when the radish is put in-front of an ass it