Marketing Strategic Analysis Report on Intercontinental Hotel, Wellington, New Zealand

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Executive Summary
This report is a strategic analysis report for The InterContinental Hotel Wellington (ICW). The ICW is branded from the largest global hotel company in the world, The InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG). The ICW is Wellingtons only internationally branded 5 star hotel and is in the luxury hotel market. It offers rooms for business and leisure travellers however the majority of its visitors are business men. The target market for this hotel is the wealthy older male, the male: female ratio at the hotel is 2.3: 1. This report will provide an in-depth analysis of the internal and external factors at play which affect The ICW’s marketing capabilities. The market analysis, competitor analysis and macro-environment analysis
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As shown in Appendices, Appendix A, The ICW is a luxurious establishment. It offers its customers a lavish lobby area which is the first impression customers have as they walk through the door. As shown by the Academy of Marketing Science, the number of consumers purchasing luxury products and services is increasing, giving ICW an opportunity for further growth within this market, (Hennigs, Siebels, Wiedmann, 2007).
Environmentally conscious consumers
In an increasingly ecologically conscious market place consumer perceptions are changing and buying behaviours are affected by the environmentally sustainable image of businesses, (Emerald Insight, 2012). Modern businesses are increasingly looking for ways to decrease their impact on the environment. As well as this, many businesses seek to increase their environmentally friendly image to consumers. The Intercontinental global brand focuses on the idea of responsible business and lessening environmental impacts by managing water, waist and energy more efficiently, (InterContinental, 2012). This presents an opportunity for ICW, to attract customers who are environmentally conscious.
Competitor Analysis
Competitors Strengths and Weaknesses Table
The Wellington Hotel industry is highly competitive so in order for The ICW to be successful it is important to undertake a competitor analysis, which identifies information on microenvironment competitors, (Charbonneau et al, 2012 p63).