CJ130-03: Introduction to Corrections Unit 9 Final

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Prison Gangs
Jeremy Lemaster
Kaplan University
CJ130-03: Introduction to Corrections
November 3, 2013
Terry Campbell


Some people say that prisons are nothing more then a microcosm of society today, which unfortunately includes gangs. Much like their counterparts on the street prison gangs are known to be extremely violent, dangerous organizations that can severely threaten the security of the institution. Because of this fact it is important for these correctional institutions to not only understand what gangs are present within their institution, how these gangs operate and recruit, but also what types of activities the gang is engaged in both on the street and within the institution. This
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These activities include extortion, narcotics importation and murder of other inmates. These criminal acts have been highlighted recently by one of the gang’s members, who was also working as a prison guard, being arrested, convicted and sent to prison for acts she committed while working as a guard. According to reports this “wolf in sheep’s clothing”, was not only importing narcotics into the prison in which she worked (which were given to other gang members), but she was also bringing them cell phones as well. The guard was even said to have been allowing rival gang members to fight inside the institution, while attempting to out members who might be working with police as informants (Streetgangs #1, 2009)! These actions highlight one of many examples, as to how this gang’s activity can endanger the security of a correctional institution. Another issue that is of concern to any correction institution is the fact that one of the gang’s core beliefs revolves around their anti-government/ official mentality. This can pose serious risks for correctional staff within the institution, which have to handle these gang members on a daily basis (gangs#1, 2011).
The Folk Nation
The next prison gang that we will discuss is known as The Folk Nation. This gang is actually an alliance of many different gangs, which came together as the result of an idea from a man