Staffing Issues with Nurses

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Nurse staffing refers to the ratio of nurses to patients in a particular unit. The current global nursing shortage is simply wide spread and dangerous lace of skilled nurses who are needed to care for individual patients and the population as a while. A study on the nursing shortage by Linda Aiken of the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing, fund that an estimated 20,000 people die each year, because they have checked into a hospital with overworked nurses. (The American Nurses Association, Inc., 2010). The study also found that Americans scheduled for routine surgeries run a 31 percent greater risk of dying if they are admitted to a hospital with a severe shortage of nurses. That’s approximately one-fifth of the up to 98,000 …show more content…

It is vitally important that hospital administrations have as strategic plan in place, so that the nursing organization can run smooth and efficient. Strategic planning must be in place to execute important decisions that will affect the company in a positive way in the future. Hospitals and other institutions need to know how to motivate their nurses to keep them from burning out in these tough times, a little motivation can goes along way. Some motivational techniques I’ve discovered are: * Recognition for a job well-done. Does your institution recognize all of your hard work? Does your institution recognize all of your hard work? Does your manager or other members say “thank you at the end of a shift? It doesn’t cost a penny to show them how much they are appreciated. * Food. It may be trivial, but bringing in doughnuts or a basket of muffins in the morning or a pan of pizza in the evening for dinner, show gratitude. Food always perks you up. * Continuing education. Does institution offer tuition reimbursements, so individuals can register for classes outside of the workplace? Education benefits both the nurse and the employer. It makes you a better nurse in the long run. * Birthday cards. Giving out birthday cards are a huge gesture, it makes the individual feel good to be acknowledged, even better present them with a birthday cake. * Communication. Good administrators keep an open line of communication, so the individual feels


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