Tupac Poem Summary 2morrow

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Poet: Tupac Shakur
Poem: And 2Morrow

Critical Analysis

Tupac Shakur is one of the most legendary and popular poetic/rap artists to this day. He is considered to be one of the most influential people of his time, influencing every African-American citizen in North America. Thought of as the creator of rap, Tupac has sold over seventy-five million albums worldwide although his career ended as quickly as it started. Six, is the number of years Tupac spent making rap professionally. Thirteen is the number of years Tupac spent writing poetry and rap lyrics. Twenty-five is how old Tupac was when he received four bullets to his chest causing him to pass away. In those twenty-five years, Tupac has influenced millions of people and artists
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For example; “Today is filled with anger” and “Tonight is filled with rage”. Consonance can be found in the very first stanza. If you read aloud the first stanza of this poem, you will begin to hear how Tupac emphasized the “n” sound in the words; anger, hidden, being, and common to help set that aggressive tone. Not only does the use of consonance set the tone, it really helps with the flow of the poem. This poem has many forms of archetypal stereotypes. An individual that grew up during tough times always sticks to his dreams and finds an escape in the end. This is one of the most common stereotypes that can be found in a variety of entertainment sources. The reality of it is that all humans are born with dreams to better themselves, but the percentage of the ones that succeed are a lot less then the ones that do. There is also another stereotype in this poem; it’s the way Tupac expresses nighttime as a time “filled with rage”. In most movies, nighttime is usually when the evil doers commit to their actions of doing wrong in society.

Reading Tupac’s poetry does not quite compare to when he, himself would sing them. If he were to sing his poetry it was as if his poetry would come to life. I believe that Tupac was one of the best poets for that age and I can not find a more influential writer then him during this time. To this day he is believed to be one of the best and I am truly a believer. The way Tupac uses