Summary Boys Don't Cry

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Movie: "Boys don't cry"

The movie is about a girl pretending as a guy. It is a real life story that happened in Lincoln in 1993. The story began in this way. The girl pretending to be a guy went into a bar and met this girl called Candace whom took "him" to Falls city. She used "Brandon" as her "guy name". When he (Brandon) first met Candace, he tried to act tough, just like a guy do in a bar, he picked up a fight with a guy simply because the guy was talking to Candace and he didn't like it. On that same night, he went with Candace and her friends to Falls City. Over there, he hangs out with guys that talks about the kind of girls that they used to date, then he noticed about this girl called Lana. Trying to prove himself as a guy and
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After coming out from Lana's place, the two guys took him away in a car to a strange place. They ordered him to take off his shirt. Brandon asked them not to hurt him. The two guys raped him…..really bad….from the back to the front, everything they could do to degrade him. After the rape, they called him buddy again and black mail him not to say a word out…or else…They took him back to give him a wash. He tried to run away and went over to Lana's house. When Lana saw him hurt, she went crying and beg her mum to allow him in. Lana's mom said that "I don't want IT in my house." Referring Brandon to IT shows disrespect toward him and that she doesn't accept him for what he or she was. He went to see a nurse, and the nurse asked to see "his" vagina. He then asked "how do you know they raped me?" A lawyer kept on asking "him" questions, such as "why hanging around with guys when you are a girl? Why kiss many girls?" "he" answered, "I have an identify sexual crisis." Almost to the end of the movie, he finally had sex with Lana, the girl that he likes without clothes on. Letting Lana knows that he is no difference to her in physical sense. At the end, Brandon was shot by John one of the guys that raped him, and Lana saw the letter that he wrote for her…saying that.. "scared of what's ahead but thinking of you (Lana), I think I know I will be able to go on." …Lana cried.
I believe that it's really depressing and sad that these things are real situations that


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