Spina Bifida

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Spina Bifida

George Burns

PED 407 Motor Perception and Adaptives for Special Populations

Wayne State College

Dr. Todd Farmer

April 6, 2007

Spina Bifida


One common motor functional problem children and adults suffer from today is a condition called Spina Bifida. Spina Bifina is a physical condition people suffer from which, results in a failure of fusions of the caudial neural tube, which produces a malformation that losses motor functions in the human structure (Sival, Viles, Weerden, 2004, p.427). Spina Bifida usually occurs in the human embryos, before the fourth
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Genetics This next section will discuss reasons why genetics play such an important role with the on-set development of spina bifida. Researchers (Adzick, Melchionne, and Mitchell, 2004, p.1887) suggest spina bifina is not a recurring problem within families; patterns are likely to be associated with the effects of a single genetic locus. However, spina bifida seems to be a more complex traits, which is determined by many gene and environment factors which makes spina bifida more susceptible for children with a family history of this genetic disorder (2004, p.1887). Some research has suggested that spina bifida has increasingly becoming more feasible with genes involved in folate-homocysteine metabolism. Researchers (p.1887) found some conclusive evidence in their research to make a claim that genes involved in folate-homocysteine metabolism and folate in genes causing the on-set of spina bifida. However, people must be aware of other factors such as the gene development in other metabolic pathways. Pregnant women who suffer from diabetes and obesity are at greater risk in producing a child with spina bifida. Metabolic pathways involvement with the genes may involve metabolism of known teratogenic agents such as valproic acid which is essential for the embryonic development (p.1888). However,


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