Skills and Learning Statement Acca

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Skills and Learning Statement

Here, I will be discussing my experience, which I have gained while working on the project:

➢ Things learnt during the meetings with Project Mentor – Mr Raj

My meetings with project mentor became a key success factor for my project. He showed me the direction from where I could start my project and reach to conclusion. Most of the meetings were held personally, which proved more effective than other sources of communication. I also managed to secure his personal contact number, which enabled me to contact him from time to time helping me solve my confusion relating to research.

• First meeting

On our first meet I did not have a clear idea with what am I going to discuss with him. I was
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It helped me enhance my skills from structuring my report to keeping it in a flow, which I feel I acquired through my ACCA papers.

During the initial stages, the most prominent problem I faced was the mis-communication, may be due to the communication gap between me and the people with whom I worked till the finalisation of report, especially with my mentor. This I feel is very natural, when you are not meeting your mentor everyday and if there are some doubts, one has to email the other, leading to mis-communication. Also, every person has a different thought process, viewpoint and lookout. Some agree to it, while others don’t. To be honest even I didn’t like some of the comments and suggestions given by my mentor. This led to some complications in my project, i.e. basing on different opinions. But, to solve the problem, adequate steps and efforts were put in to reduce the communication gap.

Presentation stage – This was the most dreaded part of my project as I have never made a presentation in my life in front of a group of people. I had to practise hard to improve my presentation skills, for which I made some presentations from a mirror to my family and friends. I tried to learn from negative feedback, while positive comments were taken well into consideration basing it as my strengths for presentation. Overall from each meeting, Mentor suggested that things could be better if I work on my


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