Sexual Assault

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Sexual Assault described in technical terms is defined as any sort of sexual activity between two or more people in which one of the people involved is involved against his or her will. (3) The description of "against his or her will" extends to varying degrees of aggression, ranging from indirect pressure to a direct physical attack. While sexual assaults are associated with the crime of rape, it may cover assaults which would not be considered rape. What constitutes a sexual assault is determined by the laws of the jurisdiction where the assault takes place, which vary considerably, and are influenced by local social and cultural attitudes. Every year, an estimated 300,000 women are raped and 3.7 million are confronted with unwanted …show more content…

If a person has been sexually assaulted, they should be examined and treated for sexually transmitted diseases with antibiotics. The victim should see a health care provider as soon as possible and get checked again in 2 weeks to make sure that no sexually transmitted diseases have developed. Most women are given emergency contraception in the form of birth control pills that decrease the chance that pregnancy will result from the assault. The sexually assaulted victim may be treated for hepatitis B infection if the assailant is likely to have had hepatitis (a series of shots over 2 months). They will be tested for AIDS and pregnancy (for women). AIDS testing should be repeated every 3 months for 6 months. If it has been 6 months and you have not had a positive HIV test, it is not likely that any infection occurred or will occur. Sexually assaulted victims should get counseling, and the incident should be discussed. Sexual assault is an awful experience. The goal for all victims is to recover and put the bad event behind them.
Sexual assault affects not only the victim, but the loved ones and family of the survivor, as well as the community. Family members and friends many times not only have to help their loved one manage the aftereffects of the assault but also have to deal with their own feelings about the victimization of someone they care about. Those that live with the survivor may


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