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{draw:g} Table of Contents 3… Abstract 4… Literature Review 7… Hypothesis 8… Materials 9… Procedure 10… Results 12… Analysis of Data 13… Conclusion Abstract Literature Review In Chemical Kinetics in the field of Chemistry, the Collision Theory plays a large role. The theory states that the more collisions that occur in a system, the more likely combinations of molecules will happen. Also, more collisions means more combinations of molecules to occur which will consequently speed up the reaction and the rate of reaction (Bursten 492). Another factor in reaction rates in the concentration of particles. Similar to the Collision Theory, the more particles there are the greater chance there is to collide with one another. The more …show more content…

Results {draw:a} Analysis of Data Some of the limitations of my experiment could include the environment. If I had a lab where the temperature could be mechanically controlled to remain constant, this could have potentially altered the results. Another limitation was that I could not get an exact measurement on the thermometer. I minimized extraneous variables by keeping all of the cups in the same area. I also tried to keep the room temperature constant. Because the experiment was conducted indoors, forces of nature such as wind, rain, and snow did not affect the experiment. There were several things that went right and wrong. Some of the things that went right were that each trial supported my hypothesis. Something that went wrong was that my results were very different from results that I found online done by other people. Possible errors may have come from the specific type of Alka-Seltzer tablet I used. In order to improve my experiment for the future, I could increase the number of experiments so I could record more results. I could also use a newer thermometer and different types of Alka-Seltzer tablets. This could create more repetition to give more weight to my results. Conclusion Trends in my data include a linear correlation with the higher temperature the higher the reaction rate. The trend could be described as temperature and reaction rate are directly proportional to one another. Bibliography


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