CBN Railway

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CBN Railway Company

Among some of the challenges that CBN Railway Company faces, this paper will focus on a solution to overcome the inefficiency that exists with the maintenance of their equipment; namely their locomotives. CBN Railway Company is also considering leasing locomotives from various sources, unspecified. We will analyze some possible solutions and weigh the pros and cons of the possibility of leasing equipment. These two challenges facing this company are causing the quality of customer service to frail amidst an increase in business in the rail industry.
Power by the Mile Leasing Arrangements
Leasing of equipment for some companies can be advantageous. Depending on the lease terms, some firms can have great success with
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This will give the company, as a whole, a sense of accomplishment in achieving the set milestones. CBN has been in business for a long time and has dealt with these problems for at least 20 years now (Coyle, Novack, Gibson, Bardi, 2011). They seem to have reached a monotonous plateau of acceptance in effectively dealing with their challenges therefore; they are not seeing desired results in ideas or methods of problem solving.
CBN must realize that they now operate in a different era and customer orientated systems must be implemented throughout every aspect of the business. This is especially true in this day in age where the public has easy access to various forms of information such as the internet. Customers now have many options available to gain information about most any and all services that they may need; this includes CBN’s customer base. The decisions and techniques of confronting and overcoming challenges must be made as a result of viable data and not estimations of how much money may be gained or lost. In order to achieve this data, CBN must implement effective systems that start from within the core of the company and organize everything else outward. This will ultimately grow CBN Rail Company into a strong and reliable, customer oriented