Sc300-Unit 6 Assignment

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Unit 6 Assignment

SC300: Big Ideas in Science

September 30, 2012

Unit 6 Assignment The two meals that I have chosen are breakfast and dinner. We will discuss breakfast first. This morning I had two fried eggs with salt and pepper, a piece of toast with blackberry jam, and a diet coke. The origins of the Kroger brand eggs and the Kroger brand black pepper were from Cincinnati, OH, the Morton’s kosher salt is from Chicago, IL, the Nature’s Own bread was from Thomasville, GA, the Kauffman’s blackberry jam was from Montezuma, GA, and the Diet Coke was from Atlanta, GA. For dinner I made Purdue chicken breast with salt and pepper, Kroger brand name frozen green beans and roasted potatoes. The origins of the Purdue chicken came
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In the short term consumers will not have to settle for what the local market is offering. In the long term companies will become more innovative in order to be the best. One of the negative impacts would be that it could become a financial and operational challenge local producers because they will have to come up with new ways to deliver products and services at decreased prices. In short term it is benefitting the consumer by paying less for a product or service. In long term local producers could be forced to shut down their business that would mean less employment for those local workers. Another negative impacts would be that the global market could result in low quality of products or service. When hiring foreign one cannot always count on the work or services. There is less monitoring of their work, which in turn can create poor quality products or service. In long term business could lose money because of the poor quality of products or service. “Think Globally, Act Locally”. This phrase could have many meanings but for me it seems very simple. When companies do business internationally, which can be good for the economy, the company still needs to think about having their roots in the local market. For instance, here in GA the grocery stores sell collard greens, pig feet and pickled everything. I’m originally from Chicago and these weren’t